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The Gamifiers was born from an expert in collective intelligence. Leader in creating personalized concepts for businesses.

According to a study carried out by a major strategy consulting firm, the major concern of company directors is the retention of their talents.

“As a strategic thinker, we have the ability to take any business’s problems and turn them into a fun experience.”

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Discover the ultimate in fun and adventure with our ‘Favourite Activities’ selection. These top picks promise unforgettable experiences, whether you’re craving excitement, learning, or relaxation. Begin your journey today!

Secret of the Pyramids
Escape Game: Ideal for disconnecting from the corporate world. Inspired by Indiana Jones, this activity is entertaining, fun, and promotes team cohesion!
Pandora's box
Escape Game customizable according to the objective. Simultaneous teams to unravel the mystery of Pandora's box!
Treasure hunt
The Urban Scavenger Hunt is an exciting adventure designed to build team cohesion while exploring the city's hidden treasures. Customize as you see fit.



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Our vision
Gamification aims to transmit key messages to a target population in an impactful way!

The vision of Gamifiers is to reveal the personality of your collaborators (employees, partners and customers), to motivate them and bring out the best in them, to support your transformation projects, to communicate messages with more impact, create memorable experiences and improve the quality of work.

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Our Team

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