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The Gamifiers was born from an expert in collective intelligence. Leader in creating personalized concepts for businesses.

Our Vision and Mission

Gamification aims to transmit key messages to a target population in an impactful way!
The vision of Gamifiers is to reveal the personality of your collaborators (employees, partners and customers), to motivate them and bring out the best in them, to support your transformation projects, to communicate messages with more impact, create memorable experiences and improve the quality of work

Founder: Slimane Benjelloun

Gamification expert, serial entrepreneur, passionate about technology and innovation. Experience in multinationals, SMEs & start-ups
“As a strategic thinker, we have the ability to take any business’s problems and turn them into a fun experience.”



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Years of experience

How it all began?

According to a study carried out by a large strategy consulting firm, the major concern of company directors is the retention of their talents.

After Covid and the emergence of remote work, employees are gradually losing the feeling of belonging and 70% of them are seriously considering a change of position and company.

To this, Gamifiers provides a lasting and concrete solution!

Services and Experience

Why Choose Us

Discover what sets us apart as your team-building partner of choice. From our expertise to our client-focused approach, find out why we’re the top pick for fostering stronger, more connected teams. Join us in your journey towards success through teamwork.

15+ Years Experience

We provide your employees, customers and partners with immersive experiences thanks to the latest technological innovations such as augmented reality.
We use the game as a cognitive tool to convey messages from management to a target population with more impact (strategic values, figures, objectives, etc.)
  • 100% Online, 100% Presential or hybrid
  • Individual or team
  • Time of experience adapted as needed

When to contact gamifiers?

You are an SME / multinational, travel, events, communication agency

When to contact gamifiers?

You organize BTB events: seminars, conferences, annual summit, team building, networking, kick-off, company anniversary, themed event (CSR awareness; well-being; female leadership etc.)

When to contact gamifiers?

In charge of human resources, internal/external communication, events management

When to contact gamifiers?

Vous voulez impressionner votre population cible (employés, clients, partenaires) avec des solutions hors du commun, immersives, originales, innovantes et interactives !